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Contact Information

Adress: İnönü Mah., İnönü Cad., Boran Sok. No: 2-A, Sancaktepe, İstanbul, Turkey
Phone: +90 216 317 86 86 Fax: +90 216 317 60 32

Company Profile

Sukar is a company with 100% Turkish capital producing Installation and Insulation Drains , in Turkey since 1987.

With the novelties it has made since its foundation, Sukar has followed the vision of becoming a brand that changes, evolves drain culture and supplying world quality products to the market. This is not limited to Turkey and it has been a brand sought after around the globe with unique novelties and high quality, especially in shower drains compatible with insulation. We are marketing our drain and drainage systems to all Turkey with our extensive dealer network and to world over about 40 countries mainly Europe, Middle East, America and Africa regions.

SUKAR, is preferred by Turkey’s biggest projects includes roof to ground-garden to roads projects and more places that needs drainage according to SUKAR Products’ features as, compatible with plumbing parts and water insulation, over 1000 pieces of drains and grates with its quality certified production. We offer products to architects, house holders, constructors and companies with international standards and solutions for domestic market at optimum price-benefit point. We offer you new horizons by making your dreamed places real while removing obstacles.


  • caps
  • flanges
  • manhole covers
  • rainwater tanks
  • adjusted filters
  • air chimney shingle
  • anti-odor filters
  • anti-odor units with water
  • anti-odor units without water
  • anti-odor units
  • anti-odors
  • balcony drainage systems
  • caps with circular frames
  • caps with frames
  • caps with height adjustment
  • caps with plastic frames
  • caps with stainless steel frame
  • ceramic centered caps
  • channel grate filters
  • channel grate
  • circular grates
  • classical filters
  • classical garden filters
  • classical gullies
  • classical open land filters
  • corner bolcany filters
  • corner filters
  • corner triangular model
  • drainage systems
  • drainage systems
  • drainers
  • epdm filter accessories
  • epdm filters
  • extension caps
  • fillet mounted
  • filter cap connections
  • filter caps
  • filters compatible to liquid insulation
  • filters trump model wall type
  • filters wall type
  • flange compatible insulation filters
  • flange compatible
  • flange rings
  • floor drainage systems
  • garden filters
  • garden gullies
  • grate models
  • grates 1mm
  • grates 4mm
  • grates
  • gully bodies with mesh
  • gully bodies
  • gully caps with grate
  • gully caps
  • harness filters with insulation plinth
  • harness filters
  • height adjustable gully caps
  • insulation filters
  • insulation plinth
  • kitchen filters
  • kitchen gullies
  • laterals
  • leaf holders
  • lower gully bodies
  • lower lateral bodies with insulation skirts
  • lower lateral bodies without insulation skirts
  • lower lateral bodies
  • lower lateral with 3 input
  • lower lateral with single output
  • lower vertical bodies with insulation skirts
  • lower vertical bodies without insulation skirts
  • lower vertical bodies
  • manhole and covers
  • manhole models
  • manhole
  • manholes
  • membrane mounted
  • modern anti-odors
  • modular drains
  • modular grates
  • modular gullies
  • mud pail drainers
  • mud pail
  • new generation filter case
  • open land filters
  • outdoor gullies
  • parapet outlets
  • parapets
  • parking lots gullies
  • plain grate shower filters
  • plastic adjusted filters
  • pvc filter accessories
  • shower filters
  • showers on a level
  • skirt shower filters trump model
  • skirt shower filters
  • stainless steel caps
  • stainless steel cases
  • stainless steel filters
  • stainless steel grates
  • standar model empty case
  • standard model filters
  • supplementary filter products
  • supplementary gully products
  • terrace filters
  • twin outgoings
  • wet floor drainage systems
  • yard drainage systems

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