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Adress: Organize Sanayi Böl., 8. Cad., Eskişehir, Turkey
Phone: +90 222 236 04 00 Fax: +90 222 236 13 46

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Unchanging Sarar quality since 1944

Sarar, which greeted the fashion world in 1944 from a modest tailor’s workshop in Eskişehir, today continues purveying stylish and creative designs across 5 continents and in 49 different countries. Directing the winds of fashion in the men’s and women’s clothing world with its expert designers and quality fabrics, the difference Sarar has also created in the home textiles sector with its diverse designs remains a must for those keen to ad style to every aspect of their lives. Turkish fashion giant Sarar, introducing millions of fashion lovers in the four corners of the world to its unique lines, in pursuit of perfect creations, still maintains the unique workmanship and elegant quality of its peerless collections, as it has since its very first day.


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