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Adress: Konya Organize Sanayi Bölgesi, İhsandede Cad., No: 16/B, Selçuklu, Konya, Turkey
Phone: +90 332 239 06 42 Fax: +90 332 239 07 42

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SINCE 1988

Our company started its production with 2 small machines of Ali Öztürk in 1988. Since the day of the foundation, it has reached to the utmost levels on the plastic inflating sector at their intentions towards the development without compromising from the quality and hygienic standards. Our company which was in the service of the cologne and cosmetics sector till 1998 invested on “Coex” and “Pet”, whose production is too little in our country by preparing its substructure at the advanced technology level under the light of total quality phylosophy. “Coex”, which is the peak point of the plastic blowing sector, is consisted of three layers and provides the liquid to have a sanitary and long shelf life thanks to polyamide used in the lowest layer. Due to having an oxygen penetration which is reduced to minimum, the product has been the must of the agricultural pesticide. Besides the “coex” bottles from 50 cc to 30 lt, their lids are also produced in our factory thanks to the plastic enjection machinery group.

We are in the service with our works oriented towards the future on plastic packing of the medicine and cosmetics on which our industry is very cautious; more than 400 types of our products; the reliability of our customes to us and our over 20-year sector experience. We are just beside our customers with our modern management intelligence of our time, our powerful and quality equipment and our personnel who are the specialist in their fields. Our objective is to offer the most quality and economical products parallel to the developing technology in the Turkish plastic sector with the team spirit aiming the constant development and success.


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