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Adress: Orhanlı Mah., Demokrasi Cad., No: 26/13, Tuzla, İstanbul, Turkey
Phone: +90 216 688 36 22 Fax: +90 216 688 36 23

Company Profile

As Numeko Safety we manufacture and supplyl safety belts, lanyards, anchors, carabines, rescue equipments, escape equipments, lifelines, horizontal lifelines, vertical lifelines, fall arresters, confined space systems, safety belt, lanyard, anchor, carabine, rescue equipment, escape equipment, lifeline, horizontal lifeline, vertical lifeline, fall arrester, confined space system, safety accessories, hardhats, goggles, trauma relief straps, suspension trauma relief straps, tool boxes, toolboxes, wheeled anchors, fixed l profile anchors, concrete d ring anchors, automatic escape equipments, automatic landing equipments, landing equipments, pulley systems, aluminium tripods, self rectractable fall arresters, self rectractable lifelines, hooks, safety accessory, hardhat, goggle, trauma relief strap, suspension trauma relief strap, tool box, toolbox, wheeled anchor, fixed l profile anchor, concrete d ring anchor, automatic escape equipment, automatic landing equipment, landing equipment, pulley system, aluminium tripod, self rectractable fall arrester, self rectractable lifeline, hook....

Numeko Safety supplies and montages equipment and systems providing preventive and operational comfort for workers at high altitudes, work safety equipment, personal protective equipment, rescue equipment, hoisting equipment to its customers by working with best companies in the world in all sectors especially telecommunication sector.


  • hardhat
  • hardhats
  • horizontal lifeline
  • horizontal lifelines
  • landing equipment
  • landing equipments
  • lanyard
  • lanyards
  • lifeline
  • lifelines
  • pulley system
  • pulley systems
  • rescue equipments
  • safety accessories
  • safety accessory
  • safety belt
  • self rectractable fall arrester
  • self rectractable fall arresters
  • self rectractable lifeline
  • self rectractable lifelines
  • suspension trauma relief strap
  • suspension trauma relief straps
  • trauma relief strap
  • trauma relief straps
  • vertical lifeline
  • vertical lifelines
  • wheeled anchor
  • wheeled anchors

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