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Adress: Karaosmanoğlu Sanayi Sitesi, 28 Blok, No: 24, Akhisar, Manisa, Turkey
Phone: 005309010490 Fax: +90 236 214 02 97

Company Profile

Novatek designs, fabricates and starts up turn-key Paint Application Plants.

We specialize in engineering plants and equipment that conserve energy, raise efficiency and thereby minimize carbon emissions, which could be validated by real time data.

Our solutions include: Pretreatment and Electro-coating plants, Paint Spray Booths of various types: Dry Filter, Water Wash, Wet Wall and High Efficiency Venturi, Powder Coating Booths, Combination Booths (Spray & Bake), Paint Curing Ovens, Shot Blasting Systems, Acoustic Enclosures and Mechanical Handling Solutions.

Products, systems and services offered by Novatek enable highly efficient manufacturing processes in different industries. Automotive manufacturers and their suppliers account for most of the Novatek’s business. Other market segments include, wind energy turbine railway and the woodworking industries.

Novatek experts have been active for more than 30 years in the market with over 150 industrial systems installed to date.

The client's expectations are the guide and delivering value is our passion.


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  • conveyor
  • energy
  • ovens
  • oven
  • auto paint application
  • auto paint applications
  • cataphorese coating system
  • cataphorese coating systems
  • chemical cleaning line
  • chemical cleaning lines
  • curing oven
  • curing ovens
  • drying oven
  • drying ovens
  • electrocoat paint system
  • electrocoat paint systems
  • energy recovery system
  • energy recovery systems
  • manual paint application
  • manual paint applications
  • materials handling system
  • materials handling systems
  • operator lift
  • operator lifts
  • paint application process
  • paint application processes
  • paint shop equipment
  • paint shop equipments
  • paint shop machine
  • paint shop machineries
  • paint shop machinery
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  • painting robot
  • painting robots
  • paintshop
  • personnel lifit
  • personnel lifits
  • powder paint application
  • powder paint applications
  • robotic application
  • robotic applications
  • sound insulation booth
  • sound insulation booths
  • spraying booth
  • spraying booths
  • surface preparation system
  • surface preparation systems
  • wet paint application
  • wet paint applications

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