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Adress: Organize San. Böl. 10. Cad. No: 3, Kayseri, Turkey
Phone: +90 352 321 18 68 Fax: +90 352 321 18 69

Company Profile

Our Firm, Mustafa TUNA AHŞAP, began timber production in Steel Door Timber sector in 1996, with it's 35 year experience in furniture manufacturing since 1976.

It carried out production in Kayseri Organized Industrial Zone on closed area of 5000 m2 and open area of 6000 m2 in order to satisf increasing demands of clients and produce products of high quality.

In order to offer gualified, aesthetic, safe and punctual delivery,our firm,adopting high client satisfaction as a principle, aims to increase it's caapcity each passing day by following developing technology and using the most modern system of CNS ( point to point ) caliber sanding and pressing machines. Also, in 2008 it started it's activities in internal door sector and now it works in these two sectors.

It carried on it's business by increasing it's import to the many western and eastern countries in internal and external markets such as Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iranian, Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia, Jordanian and Nigeria with it's large dealership network in steel door timbers and internal room doors.

We choose and process raw materials meticulously in our facility, paying attention to the fact that they have TSE certificate. Then we put them for your, our estimable client's service.

Carrying out the delivery of our products in accordance with our client's preference and desire, we deliver their orderings in short time.

As Mustafa TUNA AHŞAP, our aim is innovative qualified production and customer satisfaction.

In order to reach this aim we are advancing with confident steps.


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