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Adress: Yeşiloba Mh., 46167 Sk., Efer San. Sit., A Blok, No: 22/T, Seyhan, Adana, Turkey
Phone: +90 322 428 22 24 Fax: +90 322 428 22 25

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We manufacture and supply;
industrial cold storage, blast freezer, air conditioning systems, chilling plants, cooling systems, coolers, cooling devices, shocking systems, quick freezing systems, freezing systems, freezers, cold storage units, quick freezing units, shocking units, chillers, chiller units, storage units, ice banks, fresh storage units, industrial cooling systems, industrial coolers, industrial cooling devices, industrial shocking systems, industrial quick freezing systems, industrial freezing systems, industrial freezers, industrial cold storage units, industrial quick freezing units, industrial shocking units, cooling system, cooler, cooling device, shocking system, quick freezing system, freezing system, freezer, cold storage unit, quick freezing unit, shocking unit, chiller, chiller unit, storage unit, ice bank, fresh storage unit, industrial cooling system, industrial cooler, industrial cooling device, industrial shocking system, industrial quick freezing system, industrial freezing system, industrial freezer, industrial cold storage unit, industrial quick freezing unit, industrial shocking unit


  • industrial cold storage unit
  • industrial cold storage units
  • industrial cooling device
  • industrial cooling devices
  • industrial cooling systems
  • industrial freezers
  • industrial freezing system
  • industrial freezing systems
  • industrial quick freezing system
  • industrial quick freezing systems
  • industrial quick freezing unit
  • industrial quick freezing units
  • industrial shocking system
  • industrial shocking systems
  • industrial shocking unit
  • industrial shocking units
  • quick freezing system
  • quick freezing systems
  • quick freezing unit
  • quick freezing units
  • shocking system
  • shocking systems
  • shocking unit
  • shocking units
  • storage unit

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