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Adress: Fevzi Çakmak Mah. 10651 Sk. No: 39, Karatay, Konya, Turkey
Phone: +90 332 345 49 80Fax: +90 332 345 49 77

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Founded in early 2007, our company; Konya 1. Organize activities began in the industrial area of 2000 m2 closed area and currently continues to operate in Busan 3 total 4100 m2 of new factory building in Private Organized Industry. As Kran Crane Machinery since 2007, which he developed systems and innovative designs, and provide after-sales that dialogue established with customers who have safely marked the crane industry it serves and its has a legitimate place.

Our products; iron and steel industry, machinery manufacturers, dorseci, trailer are karasörcü, construction industry, casters, mermerciler and mining sectors, mainly textiles, food industry, and caters to many manufacturing and trading market. In addition, according to the shape of the company and we produce using different solutions in the design and manufacture special cranes and machinery. Steel Fabrication before we submerged arc welding is carried out with state of art technologies will be flushed paint painting parts with new products and entering care blasting technology. Our company has rich in machining precision machinery and parts are processed in our series CNC machines. Steel Fabrication in our ST 37, st52, 4140, 7131-8620 noble steel in gear, and other parts and wheels Ç1040 Ck45 materials are used. CE Following today's technology, ISO-9001, TS-HYB documents in our company right consistently good quality and series to produce a form of guaranteed products, reduce business delivery times, failure to download to a minimum level, establishing a quick service network, with the support we received from the customer satisfaction We want to serve our country rightly brandization.


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