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Adress: 2. Org. San. Böl., Vali Muammer Güler Blv., No: 32/C, Şehitkamil, Gaziantep, Turkey
Phone: +90 533 441 40 23 Fax:

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As Koc Sentetik we manufacture and supply bigbags, pp bigbags, q bags, baffle bigbags, 4 loops bigbags, cross corner bigbags, 1 loop bigbags, 2 loops bigbags, sling bags, ventilated potato bags, sacks, bigbag, pp bigbag, q bag, baffle bigbag, 4 loops bigbag, cross corner bigbag, 1 loop bigbag, 2 loops bigbag, sling bag, ventilated potato bag, sack, side seam loops bigbags, cross corner loops bigbags, tunnel sleeve lift bigbags, two lifting straps bigbags, hood lift bigbags, ancillary loops bigbags, double stevedore bigbags, sling stevedore bigbags, open top bigbags, skirt top closure bigbags, filling spout bigbags, conical top bigbags, flat bottom bigbags, cone base discharge spout bigbags, double discharge spout bigbags, pyjama protection bigbags, star botton spout bigbags, side seam loops bigbag, cross corner loops bigbag, tunnel sleeve lift bigbag, two lifting straps bigbag, hood lift bigbag, ancillary loops bigbag, double stevedore bigbag, sling stevedore bigbag, open top bigbag, skirt top closure bigbag, filling spout bigbag...

As a result of rapid globalization and population growth, together with increasing consumption demand for production has also increased. The growth of needs in return has enhanced transnational communication. Manufacturing sectors, operating in different countries have started to integrate within themselves.

Now that the world has become a global village, Koç Sentetik is one of the companies, founded to provide solutions for the sack packaging production needs. Founded in 2009, in the packaging industry Koç Sentetik produces various kinds of FIBC.

At the plant, operating in Gaziantep, the production is carried out in accordance with modern international standarts and with the machines of the latest technology. Thereby, we provide minimum defects and high level quality standards.


  • bigbag
  • sacks
  • sack
  • 1 loop bigbag
  • 1 loop bigbags
  • 2 loops bigbag
  • 2 loops bigbags
  • 4 loops bigbag
  • 4 loops bigbags
  • ancillary loops bigbag
  • ancillary loops bigbags
  • baffle bigbag
  • baffle bigbags
  • bigbags
  • bigbags
  • cone base discharge spout bigbags
  • conical top bigbags
  • cross corner bigbag
  • cross corner bigbags
  • cross corner loops bigbag
  • cross corner loops bigbags
  • double discharge spout bigbags
  • double stevedore bigbag
  • double stevedore bigbags
  • filling spout bigbag
  • filling spout bigbags
  • flat bottom bigbags
  • hood lift bigbag
  • hood lift bigbags
  • open top bigbag
  • open top bigbags
  • pp bigbag
  • pp bigbags
  • pyjama protection bigbags
  • q bag
  • q bags
  • side seam loops bigbag
  • side seam loops bigbags
  • skirt top closure bigbag
  • skirt top closure bigbags
  • sling bag
  • Sling Bag
  • sling bags
  • sling stevedore bigbag
  • sling stevedore bigbags
  • star botton spout bigbags
  • tunnel sleeve lift bigbag
  • tunnel sleeve lift bigbags
  • two lifting straps bigbag
  • two lifting straps bigbags
  • ventilated potato bag
  • ventilated potato bags

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