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Adress: Ören Mah., Kadirler Cad., No: 6, Anamur, Mersin, Turkey
Phone: +90 324 835 18 45 - 46 Fax: +90 324 835 19 79

Company Profile

Kılıç Tarım comprises of group of companies with business interests in the field of greenhouse cultivation and steawberry farming (named as Kılıc Hedef) and insurance (Kılıc Eser)
In 1996, Kılıç Tarım has carried on its business activity as the facility of searing and storage. By creating market for babanas throughout Turkey, Kılıc Tarım was a unique and well -known company for four years round.
When establishing of cold storages in 2002, It has started exporting of fresh fruits & vegetables. In 2013, the company performed production of frozen fruits & vegetables by establishing the its own IQF (individual Quick Freezing) lines.
Kılıç Tarım has branch offices to provide distrubition of its products in the domestic market. One of them is placed in Çorlu / Tekirdağ In Marmara Region, and the other is placed in Denizli in Agean Region.
Kılıc Tarım, having the 5000msq closed area and 2000msq cold storages , is one of the most prominent Importes, Exporters and Suppliers of a variety of Frozen And Fresh products.
Annual Fresh Product Production Capacity For Exporting is 25KTon
Annual Frozen Product Production Capacity Exporting is 10KTon
Annual agricultural production capacity is 230Ton


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