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Adress: 75. Yıl Mah., 5309 Sk., No: 79/A, Manisa, Turkey
Phone: +90 236 233 16 63 Fax: +90 226 233 02 92

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As Kazioz we manufacture and supply paint, water based products, water resistant matte silk, interior plastic paint, ceiling paint, exterior acrylic paint, exterior silicone paint, exterior textural covering, interior silicone primer, exterior silicone primer, solvent based products, rapid industrial paint, industrial primer, synthetic lux paint, synthetic primer, road paint, zinc loaded primer, oven paint, oven primer paint, acryl last layer paint, hammerton paint, epoxy primer, epoxy last layer paint, synthetic antirust...

The brand Eges in the product of Katioz Boya Company. Beign established in 1976 by Ali Katioz, the company was focused on paint production and in 1986 it started the patent manufacturing of paints. The company quickly became one of the leaders in this area and still proves its reputation due to the quality of products.
With the Katioz Boya paints life becomes more colorful and esthetic. The strategical focus of the company is paints and substructure materials, used in construction area.
In 2007 the factory moved to the free industrial zone in Manisa, Muradiye. It is situated on 5.500m2. On the new place with the cutting edge equipment and innovative technologies, the factory manufactures 20 tons decorative paints and coating products per day. Due to the constant market research, the variety of products increases day by day.


  • ceiling paint
  • industrial primers
  • paints
  • paint
  • paint
  • acryl last layer paint
  • acryl last layer paints
  • ceiling paints
  • epoxy last layer paint
  • epoxy last layer paints
  • epoxy primer
  • Epoxy Primer
  • epoxy primers
  • exterior acrylic paint
  • exterior acrylic paints
  • exterior silicone paint
  • exterior silicone paints
  • exterior silicone primer
  • exterior silicone primers
  • exterior textural covering
  • exterior textural coverings
  • hammerton paint
  • hammerton paints
  • industrial primer
  • interior plastic paint
  • interior plastic paints
  • interior silicone primer
  • interior silicone primers
  • oven paint
  • oven paints
  • oven primer paint
  • oven primers paints
  • rapid industrial paint
  • rapid industrial paints
  • road paint
  • road paints
  • solvent based product
  • solvent based products
  • synthetic antirust
  • synthetic antirusts
  • synthetic lux paint
  • synthetic lux paints
  • synthetic primer
  • synthetic primers
  • water based product
  • water based products
  • water resistant matte silk
  • water resistant matte silks
  • zinc loaded primer
  • zinc loaded primers

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