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Adress: Tatlısu Mah. Şahin Cad. Şekip Sokak, No:4, Y.Dudullu, Ümraniye, İstanbul, Turkey
Phone: +90 216 314 49 09 Fax: +90 216 314 49 13

Company Profile

Our company has been active in the sector since 1955. As a European domestic supplier in the sector with its experienced and expert staff in import and domestic production, which is made by European countries. We meet the needs of our stainless steel fasteners with our customer representatives in Turkey and ERP supported programs.


Collaborate with your business.
Choose which product group you need. Find out the opportunity to examine all of our products in detail.
- Since 1955 we have been serving as manufacturing and sales.
– 30,000 varieties of stainless steel products and stainless steel fasteners are among the largest suppliers in the industry.
– Continuous dynamic product range is dynamic stock according to the developments according to the changing conditions of the day and kept parallel to the changing needs of the customers.
– We are the company that sets new standards in quality management and logistics.
– Our company is DIN EN ISO 9001: 2008 certified.
– We have combined our quality and service to make our connections an advantage.


  • badges
  • bolts
  • chains
  • nuts
  • nuts
  • ropes
  • screws
  • washer
  • afnor stamps
  • articulated nuts
  • blots
  • breakaway nuts
  • butterfly nut
  • cage nuts
  • chipboard screws
  • conical spring washer
  • corrugated spring washer
  • extension nut
  • flat washer
  • gijon
  • hair screws
  • hammer head bolts
  • hammer nut
  • heavy assembly
  • hexagon socket pipe plugs
  • hexagonal nut
  • imbus nut
  • met
  • metal stub
  • metric screws
  • nut shells
  • other screws
  • pins
  • player postage
  • punta screw
  • put nuts
  • ring nuts
  • ring screws
  • roofing screws
  • rope accesory
  • safety rings
  • safety screws
  • screw pipe
  • screws sharp solar
  • sealing washers
  • self drilling screws
  • self-locking nut reverse
  • serrated lock washer
  • serrated toothed lock washers
  • sliding nuts
  • slotted round nut
  • solar screws
  • source nuts
  • spring-loaded disk
  • square nut
  • stamps
  • Stamps
  • the washer
  • wood screws

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