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Adress: Mehmet Nezih Özmen Mah., Kızılcık Sk. Alasoy İş Merkezi No:4/5 Merter, İstanbul, Turkey
Phone: +90 212 501 44 44 Fax: +90 212 610 44 44

Company Profile

As Gonuller Tekstil we manufacture and supply shirts, t-shirts, tricots, accessories, jackets, man garments, man shirts, man t-shirts, man tricots, man jackets, pants, shirt, t-shirt, tricot, accessory, jacket, man garment, man shirt, man t-shirt, man tricot, man jacket, slim fit shirts, regular fit shirts, modern fit shirts, sport shirts, short sleeved shirts, white shirts, wedding suit shirts, polo neck shirts, v neck shirts, v neck tricots, b neck tricots, cardigans, sweaters, pullovers, belts, neckties, bowties, cuff links, single pleats, pantsuits, slim fit shirt, regular fit shirt, modern fit shirt, sport shirt, short sleeved shirt, white shirt, wedding suit shirt, polo neck shirt, v neck shirt, perfumes, b neck tricot, cardigan, sweater, pullover, belt, necktie, bowtie, cuff link, single pleat, pantsuit, men slim fit shirts, men regular fit shirts, men modern fit shirts, men sport shirts, men short sleeved shirts, men white shirts, men wedding suit shirts, men polo neck shirts, men v neck shirts...

Established in 2005 in Tahtakale, Brango became one of the leading companies in the sector. Brango stands out as one of the exceptional companies with its proactive working principles and customer oriented approach. We present many products like man shirts, young man shirts, wholesale shirts, man pants, man t-shirts, man tricots, man accessory sets and perfumes. The company is in place among world wide brands with 26 stores and 4 wholesale stores in Turkey and 36 branches in the world. Being one of the leading man shirt companies Brango has a wide creation of man shirts. The company is the leader in the sector with slim fit shirts, young man shirts, man spor shirts, classic man shirts, man tricots, man accessories etc.


  • men polo neck shirts
  • men pullover
  • men pullovers
  • men regular fit shirt
  • men regular fit shirts
  • men short sleeved shirt
  • men short sleeved shirts
  • men single pleat
  • men single pleats
  • men slim fit shirt
  • men slim fit shirts
  • men sport shirt
  • men sport shirts
  • men sweater
  • men sweaters
  • men v neck shirt
  • men v neck shirts
  • men v neck tricot
  • men v neck tricots
  • men wedding suit shirt
  • men wedding suit shirts
  • men white shirt
  • men white shirts
  • modern fit shirt
  • modern fit shirts
  • necktie
  • neckties
  • pantsuit
  • pantsuits
  • polo neck shirt
  • polo neck shirts
  • pullover
  • regular fit shirt
  • regular fit shirts
  • short sleeved shirt
  • short sleeved shirts
  • single pleat
  • single pleats
  • slim fit shirt
  • slim fit shirts
  • sport shirt
  • sport shirts
  • tricot
  • v neck shirt
  • v neck shirts
  • v neck tricots
  • wedding suit shirt
  • wedding suit shirts
  • white shirt
  • white shirts

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