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Contact Information

Adress: Ali emiri 2. Sk., Deniz Apt. Kat: 1 No: 2 Yenişehir, Diyarbakır, Turkey
Phone: +90 412 228 00 24 - +90 555 859 83 18 Fax: +90 412 228 71 41

Company Profile

EVLA ENERJI IC VE DIS TIC. A.S. is in Turkey. The most important goal of our company is to present quality products and services confidingly. We have a large number of producers of various commodities in our portfolio with our corporate structure, professional staff and strong capital. We are capable and have opportunities to reach different producers in Turkey and abroad by buying and selling, importing and exporting of various goods.
Main sectors we are active in
1-Machinery and Automotive Industry
2-Iron Steel and Various Metals
3-Various Food and Agricultural Products
4-Construction and Building Industry
5-Furniture and forest products
6-Textile and Leather Products
7-Energy Sector
9-Home appliances and household appliances
10-Agricultural Instruments,
We are doing business with many manufacturers in Turkey as well. We provide services to the producers in Turkey to promote their products and export them to foreign countries.


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