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Adress: Org. San. Böl., 3. Cad. No: 26, Karaman, Turkey
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As Ems Elif Machine we manufacture and supply biscuit production lines, cake production lines, cracker production lines, biscuit cutting machines, bend belts, cream injection machines, separator filling machines, cake dough depositors, bretzel cracker production lines, envelope type packaging machines, pie biscuit machines, marshmallow biscuit machines, sandwich biscuit machines, sandwich pie machines, biscuit moulds, biscuit production line, cake production line, cracker production line, biscuit cutting machine, bend belt, cream injection machine, separator filling machine, cake dough depositor, bretzel cracker production line, packaging machine, pie biscuit machine, marshmallow biscuit machine, sandwich biscuit machine, sandwich pie machine, biscuit mould, hard biscuit moulds, soft biscuit moulds, cake cream injection machines, universal cake dough depositors, envelope type packaging machines, hard biscuit production lines, soft biscuit production lines, hard biscuit mould, soft biscuit mould, cake cream injection machine, universal cake dough depositor, envelope type packaging machine, hard biscuit production line, packaging machineries, pie biscuit machineries, marshmallow biscuit machineries, sandwich biscuit machineries, sandwich pie machineries, sandwich biscuit machine, sandwich pie machine...

Customer satisfaction with high performance at Quality, Price and Delivery, are constitute of indispensable basic principles of EMS food machines. Our staff who serve in the food sectory for many years, work both administration and the other departments in our factory. We reflect our experiences and knowledges to products and services with customer oriented perspective. EMS’s customers has a confindece and comfort of high performance in quality, price and delivery. EMS’s success secret is based on these points. EMS’s staff are consist of experinenced engineer and technicians. We manufacture food machines with great experiences and knowledges, and with standard methods and process and total quality manner. We choose optimal and quality materials which is used in food machines.

We attach great importance to continuous improvement and innovative studies. Our basic vision is being world leader on the food machines with working with our customers and shaping future’s food machine technologies.


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  • biscuit mould
  • packaging machineries
  • packaging machines
  • packaging machine
  • bend belt
  • bend belts
  • biscuit cutting machine
  • Biscuit Cutting Machine
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  • biscuit moulds
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  • bretzel cracker production line
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  • cake cream injection machine
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  • cake dough depositor
  • cake dough depositors
  • cake production line
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  • cracker production line
  • cracker production lines
  • cream injection machine
  • cream injection machines
  • envelope type packaging machine
  • envelope type packaging machines
  • hard biscuit mould
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  • sandwich pie machines
  • separator filling machine
  • separator filling machines
  • soft biscuit mould
  • soft biscuit moulds
  • soft biscuit production lines
  • universal cake dough depositor
  • universal cake dough depositors

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