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Adress: Organize Sanayi Bölgesi, 20. Cadde, No: 8, 38070, Melikgazi, Kayseri, Turkey
Phone: +90 352 321 26 52 Fax: +90 352 321 26 61

Company Profile

In 1994the first Foreign Trade Company Specialised in exporting Steel Doors and has an important share in the market by winning the confidence and approve of its customers and good relationship.
In order to present its customers the best and for the purpase of market experience as well as to improve the quality of its products and has started to manufacturing in domestic market and abroad by establishing a factory in an area of total 6000m2 of which 3000m2 is covered in Kayseri Industrial Zone in 1988.

DE-KA METAL & AHŞAP SAN.TİC.A.S. has determined its market and production strategy quiet well by analysing the expectations and wishes of its customer, giving necessary importance to the customer satisfaction. The main principle of our company, that doing exports to several countries,was aiming to reach international quality standards since its foundation the company has production capacity of 12,000 units in a year was to present its customer by mixing all services such an unlimited colour and model options, distinguished distribution not and worldwide referance list.

Our company, DE-KA METAL & AHŞAP SAN. TİC. A.S. always aimed to renew itself and to reach perfection with the support and constructive critiques its customers...


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