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Adress: Ömerli Mahallesi, Kazan Sokak No:9, Hason Sanayi Kompleksi, Arnavutköy, P.O.Box: 34555, Istanbul, Turkey
Phone: +90 212 642 27 09 Fax: +90 212 642 13 98

Company Profile

Since 1988, “CESAN Door Handles and Accessories”, has been established to serve in door and home decoration sector. Over 25th years CESAN continue to manufacture and sell door accessories without compensation from product quality. CESAN, is leading provider of new reforms which increases by experience day-by-day and reflecting sector with it modern assortiments. From 1988 “CESAN” preserves its position in the first place of market inside and outside of region.

Since the day it has been established up to now “CESAN” keeps leadership in door hardware sector with its vision of high quality parallel with the modern and contemporary decorations.

CESAN find out right solutions to customer needs and offers functional, esthetic and qualified products with YUNI, CESAN and CSN brands.

As a YUNİ branded Company and manufacturer complementary items like; door handles, window handles, pull handles, door knockers and door knobs, in 2011 took decision to add into production locks “Made by YUNİ”. By adding door lock line into manufacturing schedule CESAN aimed to meet with customer needs in one hand.

The door locks production decision didn’t came random;- after long investigations, particular and hard working studies; – CESAN gave a start to the new sister-sector. In order to provide high quality door lock system mutually with other door hardware items, CESAN keeps his best service, and always working on improving.

In early 2012, the entire procedures for lock production has been started. As a new lock manufacturer, in a short period CESAN has shown it accomplishments in the lock sector inside and outside of Turkey. Today in our factory there are already available few type of lock system and day by day we are developing our assortments, and including new lock models into a table of our product schedule.

YUNİ, offers products to customers demands more than 200 authorized sales points in domestic and export market for a while targets easier life style and felt customer differences. In a globalizing world; in environment where innovations are priority, we consider customers changed needs offer and creating for them flexible, pioneer and creative products and service.

YUNİ products has business friends in all over the world. The “Made in Turkey” label always giving a trust to the customers inside and outside of the region. YUNİ products live longer than we could theoretically care for. Their appearence retain un-changed for long time. We offer you quality with a well conceived system solution. From an aesthetic spot-on after a perspective, our products are the upshot of work with nonequivalent door hardware designes. Test us!


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