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Adress: Namık Kemal Mah., Semt 171. Sok., No: 9-11 İç Kapı No: 1, Esenyurt, İstanbul, Turkey
Phone: +90 212 447 38 43 Fax: +90 212 445 81 96

Company Profile

Our company, Cengiz Teknik Kompozit A.Ş., manufactures technical and infrastructure composite products. Our mainly product groups are; natural gas products, substructure products, lighting products, electrical products, electric apparatus, urban furnitures, furnitures, service boxes, various embrasures, pavement embrasures, composite benches, road limit elements, manhole covers, benches, Bollards, Natural Gas Boxes, Natural Gas Products, Sight Hole Cover, Rainwater Grates, Tree Grate, Street Light, Etange, Projector boards, Electricity Board....

Our company, Cengiz Teknik Kompozit A.Ş. has been producing composite products which will be one of the most important product in the future by the technique of SMC and BMC.

Our company has continued to 2000 tons of annual production with the modern manufacturing techniques in the 2000m2 open area and 2000m2 closed area.**

### **Our Products:**

*Infrastructure Products:* Manhole Covers, Rainwater Grates, Bollards, Glassfiber-reinforced Pipe.

*Service Boxes:* Natural Gas Service Boxes, Poliester Electrical Box, Poliester Water Box, Connection Box, Sight Hole Cover, Valve Cover, Socket Cover.

*City Furnitures:* Bollards, Tree Bottom Grates, Composite Classical Bench, composite Comfort Bench, Composite Picnic Table, Composite Camellia.

*Lighting Products: *Street Lights, Solar Energy Lights, U Type Etange.

**Cengiz Teknik Kompozit** is integrated to Arda Group with 38 year-experience as production department & sales activities to take forward actions continuing monitoring the work mechanism. Our platform aims to be well-known brand in Turkey & international establishments for good quality & best services for infrastructures technology & dynamic work team with active mechanisms, harmony, free ideas; thus, our brand will be developed continuously.


### Examples of Composite Products
*Infrastructure Products:* Manhole Covers, Rainwater Grate, Bollard, Glassfiber-reinforced Pipe

*Street Furniture:* Benches, Bollards, Decorative Fences, Traffic Signal Signboard, Picnic Table, Ashtray, Dustbin, Flower Pot

*Lightening and Electricity: *Street Lightening Armatures, Wall boxes, Etange Armatures, Projectors .

*Sports Industry: *Golf Club, Tennis Racket,, Billiard-ball, Skateboard

*Construction*: Building Components, Door, Bridge, Security Cabins, Prefabricated House.

*Defence Industry:* Helmet, Bullet-proof Plate, Bullet-proof Vest, Boat, Vessel, Air-frame.

Furthermore, we have Turkish Chamber of Commerce, Turkish Chamber of Industry, IMMIB and DEIK memberships.


  • libraries
  • library
  • modular cabinet
  • modular cabinets
  • Natural Gas Boxes
  • natural gas product
  • natural gas products
  • Natural Gas Products
  • natural gas service box
  • natural gas service boxes
  • pavement balustrade
  • pavement balustrades
  • pavement embrasures
  • pavement type embrasure
  • pavement type embrasures
  • polyester distribution board
  • polyester distribution boards
  • projector and electrical board
  • projector and electrical boards
  • Projector boards
  • projectors
  • rain water grid
  • rain water grids
  • Rainwater Grates
  • road and pavement element
  • road and pavement elements
  • road limit element
  • road limit elements
  • Road Separator
  • seats
  • service box
  • service boxes
  • Sidewa
  • Sight Hole Cover
  • statues
  • street ashtray
  • street ashtrays
  • street lamp
  • street lamps
  • Street Light
  • street-road element
  • street-road elements
  • substructure product
  • substructure products
  • technical composite product
  • technical composite products
  • technical composite products
  • traffic direction sign
  • traffic direction signs
  • trash can
  • trash cans
  • Tree Grate
  • urban furnitures
  • valve protection cap
  • valve protection caps
  • various embrasures
  • various type embrasure
  • various type embrasures

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