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Adress: İkitelli Org. San. Böl., Dersankoop San. Sit., S1B Blok No:302, Başakşehir, İstanbul, Turkey
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As Biel we manufacture and supply silicone, t-bolt clamp, stainless steel clamp, silicone couplers, silicone reducers, press jobs, cut, bend the pipe, bending, welded pipes, generators, radiators, intercoolers, fan, silencer, cutting, bouquet clients, plastering, sheet piece, aluminum-coated pipes to buk, buk of stainless steel pipes, steel, steel pipes, automotive parts, engine radiators, generator radiators, pipe bending, pipe forming, pipe laser cutting, profile laser cutting, laser cutting, silicone hoses, hoses, clamps, t-bolt clamps, moulds, molds, fixtures, air filter clamps, irrigation clamps, medical equipment clamps, pipe bending moulds, automotive part, engine radiator, generator radiator, pipe bendings, pipe formings, pipe laser cuttings, profile laser cuttings, laser cuttings, silicone hose, hose, clamp, t-bolt clamp, mould, mold, fixture, air filter clamp, irrigation clamp, medical equipment clamp, pipe bending mould, generator, radiator, fan, silencer, sheet, aluminum plated pipe bending, stainless pipe bending, steel pipe, steel pipe...

Founded as an engineering company, our goal has remained as providing solutions to the problems of our customers. Therefore even now, we do not only provide high quality products, but also cooperate in product development and marketing. We are especially experienced in stainless steel, steel, aluminum, rubber and silicon products and can offer you design changes resulting in most competitive production costs.

Having these goals in mind we currently have customers in Turkey, England, Germany and France, whom we provide projects and products. Our customers operate mainly in sectors like industrial services, automative parts, motor radiators, generator radiators and parts.

The collaboration with our customers usually follows these steps; we received their requests at technical drawing stage, prepared the mold, produced prototypes, finished the pre-production state and started with the serial production. We do not only aim to have high amount parts or parts that rely on automatized production. Instead, we try to provide a solution for our customer even if the part is in small amount and/or problematic to produce.

We either produce the parts at our own production lines or let other companies produce them. But at all times we do the quality controls and packaging, as well as the shipping.

The materials we specialize in are sheet metal, steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other metals. We are also experienced in silicon and rubber materials.

We aim to be a part of your family by thinking with and for you and by providing the most suitable solution.


  • aluminum plated pipe bending
  • aluminum-coated pipes to buk
  • bend the pipe
  • bouquet clients
  • buk of stainless steel pipes
  • engine radiators
  • generator radiators
  • intercoolers
  • irrigation clamp
  • irrigation clamps
  • medical equipment clamp
  • medical equipment clamps
  • pipe bending mould
  • pipe bending moulds
  • pipe bendings
  • pipe formings
  • pipe laser cutting
  • pipe laser cuttings
  • plastering
  • press jobs
  • profile laser cutting
  • profile laser cuttings
  • sheet piece
  • silicone couplers
  • silicone hose
  • silicone hoses
  • silicone reducers
  • stainless pipe bending
  • stainless steel clamp
  • t-bolt clamp
  • t-bolt clamps
  • welded pipes

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