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Adress: Atatürk Oto San. Sit. 2. Kısım, 28. Sk. No: 1124-1125-1126, Maslak, İstanbul, Turkey
Phone: +90 212 276 64 22Fax: +90 212 286 17 24

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As Bar Auto we manufacture and supply motor oils, engine oils, motor additives, engine additives, greases, oils, pastes, battery clamp greases, multipurposa greases, lubricant fixes, silicone greases, axle greases, lubricating greases, roller bearing greases, white universal greases, motor protect oils, motorbike oil additives, engine flush shooters, fuel stabilizers, engine flushes, brake fluids, hydraulic system oils, compressor oils, exhaust assembly pastes, spray pastes, motor oil, engine oil, motor additive, engine additive, grease, oil, paste, battery clamp grease, multipurposa grease, lubricant fix, silicone grease, axle grease, lubricating grease, roller bearing grease, white universal grease, motor protect oil, motorbike oil additive, engine flush shooter, fuel stabilizer, engine flush, brake fluid, hydraulic system oil, compressor oil, exhaust assembly paste, spray paste...


  • motor oils
  • engine oils
  • motor additives
  • engine additives
  • greases
  • oils
  • pastes
  • battery clamp greases
  • multipurposa greases
  • lubricant fixes
  • silicone greases
  • axle greases
  • lubricating greases
  • roller bearing greases
  • white universal greases
  • motor protect oils
  • motorbike oil additives
  • engine flush shooters
  • fuel stabilizers
  • engine flushes
  • brake fluids
  • hydraulic system oils
  • compressor oils
  • exhaust assembly pastes
  • spray pastes
  • motor oil
  • engine oil
  • motor additive
  • engine additive

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