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The adventure of Güllüoğlu Baklavalar starts with the visit of Mehmet Çelebi and his wife Güllü to Hicaz in 1871. Mehmet Çelebi, who met baklava makers in the cities of Damascus and Aleppo during the Hicaz journey on the back of camels, decides to bring the perfect flavor, which will spread to the world over the years.

Haci Mehmet Çelebi goes back to Antep, and opens a small shop in Gaziantep Uzunçarşı with his son Mahmut he learned in Damascus, and he transforms the delicacies of baklava production with his own talent and quality materials.

In the years when Hacı Mehmet Çelebi introduced the baklava to Antep people, this flavor is considered to be very luxurious, as it is not another baklava maker in the city. After the death of Hacı Mehmet Çelebi, his son Hacı Mahmut Güllü maintains his father's profession and initiates the production of a unique fine baklava made of thin phyllo that is opened one by one with a rolling pin.

Now the name of baklava reached to the palace and the mansion of the capital Istanbul in the Ottoman geography as '' Antep Baklavası '' and '' Güllü's son's baklava '' together with his "Gullu Family". Haci Mahmut Gullu made an incredible effort to have baklava making be a tradition, and trained his four sons (Sait, Mustafa, Ali and Mahmut) as baklava maker.

Hacı Mustafa son of Haci Mahmut Güllü transferred his professional inheritance from his father to Haci Halit Güllü, son of 4th generation. Efkan Güllü, the son of Halit Güllü, also became a professor of baklava, like other family members, and after university, he had maintained this art since childhood.

Currently, the '' Baklava Güllüoğlu '' run by the fifth generation of the family will present this unique flavor to the customers who are enthusiastic as "Antep Güllüoğlu Baklavası" in Gaziantep, Istanbul, Ankara, Bursa, Antalya and many other cities of the world. continues. What makes Gulluoglu Baklava different from others is that the company presents consumers superior quality products to the taste of the palate with love and respect, by combining knowledge, skill, accumulation and experience with intensive labor and expertise, combining with high accuracy and honesty and high commercial ethics, with an understanding based on unconditional customer satisfaction.


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