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Adress: Turgut Özal Mah., Tonguç Baba Cad., Torium Evleri Kat: 2 D: 23, Esenyurt, İstanbul, Turkey
Phone: +90 212 422 88 40 Fax: +90 212 422 88 40

Company Profile

Allwin Trade has found a place between the oldest, well-known and the most stable companies in the plastic packaging
industry with its respectable and reliable identity. Through its experience more than 10 years and professional staff, it
aims at keeping quality and customer satisfaction at the top level in terms of its products. Our factory having closed area
of 3000 m2 in Kirag, Istanbul offers service to its customers with an annual capacity of nearly 500 Tons.
-To ensure that our firm is a respectable and reliable brand in international market.
- To keep continual customer satisfaction at top level without making any concessions from the quality of goods and
- To manufacture plastic packaging materials with high added value.
- To sustain our growth in the foreign trade by exporting 50% of our production and to further contribute to national
Allwin Trade provides great virtue and privilege to its customers by buying the quality on the cheap. Our customer-
oriented service approach and management system attaching value to people have caused us to establish long-term
relationships with the selective customers and the leader organizations through the various industries. By acting with
reciprocal earning strategy, we are conscious that we reduce to common denominator together with our personnel,
customers and suppliers and that we have the same interest as they do.The most important contribution of production
to a national economy is employment. Therefore, we offer our employees an atmosphere where they can duly and
determinedly perform their works and duties with a good grace, as well as extensive employee benefits. Furthermore,
part of our environmental awareness and responsibility is also to provide and use recycling.


  • cleaning sets
  • cleaning set
  • garbage bags
  • garbage bags
  • garbage bag
  • serving trolley
  • bulk garbage bag
  • bulk garbage bags
  • Cleaning Trolley
  • cleaning trolleys
  • container garbage bag
  • container garbage bags
  • cupboard cleaning trolley
  • cupboard cleaning trolleys
  • cupboard serving trolley
  • cupboard serving trolleys
  • double bucket cleaning trolley
  • double bucket cleaning trolleys
  • industrial cleaning equipment
  • industrial cleaning equipments
  • jumbo size garbage bag
  • jumbo size garbage bags
  • large size garbage bag
  • large size garbage bags
  • medical waste garbage bag
  • medical waste garbage bags
  • medium size garbage bag
  • medium size garbage bags
  • mini size garbage bag
  • mini size garbage bags
  • outsize garbage bag
  • outsize garbage bags
  • plastic cleaning set
  • plastic cleaning sets
  • plastic serving trolley
  • plastic serving trolleys
  • serving trolleys
  • spare bucket
  • spare buckets
  • wheeled bucket
  • wheeled buckets
  • wheeled cleaning set
  • wheeled cleaning sets
  • wheeled cleaning trolley
  • wheeled cleaning trolleys
  • wheeled serving trolley
  • wheeled serving trolleys
  • wheeled spare bucket
  • wheeled spare buckets
  • window cleaning applicators
  • window squeegees

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