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Adress: İstasyon Mah. 1456. Sokak No: 4A/4, Gebze, Kocaeli, Türkiye
Phone: 90 5312217832


We have been operating in the field of poultry equipment with our 20 years of poultry sector experience, knowledge and experience.
For the needs of the whole poultry sector; feeding, irrigation, heating, ventilation, cooling, lighting, feed silos, feed transport systems, egg cages and
computerized control systems. Thanks to its qualified and experienced technical staff, it continues to be with you at every stage of the project starting from
the project stage.
Our poultry equipment, domestic and abroad; my products are preferred with diversity, quality and technical team, sales and after-sales services are
Our aim is to create useful and lasting values for our customers with our reasonable price policy by combining quality materials with quality workmanship. Our
young dynamic staff, innovation curiosity and technical research skills have enabled us to gain the trust of all our customers.
System equipment sets, honest, hardworking and when operating without compromising quality production of experienced staff, the quality of all
opportunities for the poultry industry, for example, and leaders in Turkey, is a recognized brand in the world.


  • hanging manger
  • hanging plate
  • hatcher cart
  • hatcher
  • hatchery cars
  • hatchery development cars
  • hatchery developmental viol car
  • hatchery equipment
  • hatchery hatcher
  • hatchery hatching cart trolley
  • hatchery setter trolley
  • heavy overhead crane
  • hick partition
  • high grill wire
  • house control computer
  • house partition
  • infrared house heater
  • leech
  • legged breeder feeding
  • lift channel feeder motor
  • lift feeder motor
  • light refractor
  • live cage
  • live carrying case with top cover
  • live transport cage with lid
  • live transport cage with side cover
  • live transport cages
  • live transport crates
  • live vault
  • live weight weighing system
  • live weight weighing
  • mahogany nest mat
  • manger corner
  • manger rope
  • manual chick drinker
  • manual chicken and chick drinker
  • manual chicken and chick feeder
  • manual chicken drinker
  • manual chicken feeder
  • manual drinker
  • manual feeder
  • manual nest pad
  • manual nest rubber mat
  • manual nest system
  • manual nest
  • manual system
  • manuel feeder
  • manuel nestpad
  • meat and vegetable crates
  • meat and vegetable transport crates
  • meat crates
  • meat transport crates
  • medicator
  • nest egg collection tape
  • nest egg tape
  • nest perch plastic
  • nest roost slat
  • nest slat
  • nest system
  • nestpad
  • nipple and feeder rope
  • nipple and manger rope
  • nipple drinker for broilers
  • nipple drinking systems
  • nipple line
  • nipple pipe hanger
  • nipple poultry
  • nipple regulator systems
  • nipple regulator
  • nipple square pipe hanger
  • nipple tip
  • ooling pads
  • pad cover system
  • pad cover
  • pad window system
  • painted honeycomb
  • pedestal canal corner
  • pedestal corner
  • perch plastic
  • perching slat
  • pin socket
  • plastic nest slat
  • plastic nipple
  • plastic perch slat
  • plastic reel hanger adjustment sheet
  • plastic reel hanging sheet
  • polypropylen rope
  • poulry transportation system
  • poultry air inlet
  • poultry and greenhouse ventilation equipment
  • poultry automatic nest system
  • poultry automation systems. manufactures feed silos
  • poultry cooling pad
  • poultry cranes
  • poultry development cars
  • poultry development viol trolley
  • poultry drinker pipe nipple
  • poultry electrical panel
  • poultry electronic dimmer
  • poultry fan louvers
  • poultry farm ventilaton
  • poultry feeder rope
  • poultry feeding line system
  • poultry feeding system
  • poultry flap
  • poultry hanger adjustment sheets
  • poultry hatcher trolley
  • poultry hatcher
  • poultry hatchery development trolley
  • poultry hatchery hatcher
  • poultry hatchery hatching cart trolley
  • poultry hatchery trolley
  • poultry heavy overhead crane
  • poultry house automation system
  • poultry house automation
  • poultry house crane
  • poultry house lighting system
  • poultry house
  • poultry light breaker
  • poultry manual nest system
  • poultry manual nest
  • poultry natural gas heater
  • poultry natural gas stove
  • poultry nest automatic nest
  • poultry nest system
  • poultry nest
  • poultry nipple cover
  • poultry nipple hanger
  • poultry nipple pipe hanger
  • poultry nipple rope
  • poultry nipple system
  • poultry nipple
  • poultry pulleys
  • poultry silos system
  • poultry solid fuel stove
  • poultry ventilation system
  • poultry wall and ceiling crane
  • poultry wall crane
  • poultry window
  • pvc cooler pad system
  • pvc cover motor
  • pvc cover system
  • pvc fan louver
  • pvc pad cover
  • pvc pad window
  • pvc system engine
  • reproductive canal corner
  • rooster feeder line
  • rooster feeding line
  • rooster feeding system
  • rooster feeding
  • rooster manger
  • rooster partition
  • rubber nest pad
  • rubber nestpad
  • s type hanger
  • self filtred pomp
  • silo and feed transport group
  • silo and transport group
  • silo coil spring
  • silo double eye exit
  • silo feed weighing system
  • silo one-eyed exit
  • square pipe hanger
  • square tube s type hanger
  • steel pulley hanger adjustment plate
  • steel pulley
  • stud motor gear
  • superstition
  • suspended canal bridge
  • tape feeder channel corner
  • the feet with its bridge wire.
  • till
  • top and side live transport cage
  • transport basket
  • transport cages
  • transport cart
  • unpainted honeycomb
  • vegetable transport crates
  • ventilation flaps
  • ventilation light traps
  • ventilation systems for greenhouse and poultry
  • ventilaton fans
  • viol carrying box
  • viol case
  • viol plastic
  • wall and ceiling crane
  • water pressure
  • weight measuring system
  • weight weighing

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