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ATM ATILIM TEKNIK MAKINA LTD. STI. Turkish Manufacturers Companies Sincan İlçesi Turkey

Adress: Ahi Evren OSB Mah. Ural Caddesi,No: 10, Sincan, Ankara, Turkey Fax: +90 312 267 35 79


Our company was built in 1999, such called Atilim Teknik Makine. Commercial life of ATM was started like machining and welded manufacturing. Our company was moved OSB DOKUMCULER SITE in 2002 and our company developed production area up to 2.500 m² in 2004. That size reached to 4.500 m² in 2013. And our company is preparing to develop production area up to 20.000 m² in 2016. In 2017 ATM will continue to serve in the new production area. Research and development department was established about machine design and this department took control design and manufacturing work.

“There is no production that cannot be done in Turkey” which is the most important motto of ATM Atilim Teknik Makine. ATM is specialized about casting and recycling. High quality perception was approved on April 2006 by taking ISO 9001.ATM increased customer expectations by taking production and trademark patents. First export of our company was realized to in 2005 and according to this exportation our company produced machine parts. After exportation, it was very important for our company. Exportation increased usually after this date. In 2007 exportation was %30 of total commercial volume (machine parts, foundry machine, foundry molds). Our company exported to Romania, Greece, Suudi Arabia, Spain, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Colombia, Algeria, Albania, Thailand, Germany, Italy and Argentina.

As of 2010 our company has been worked defence industry sector with MKEK. Research and development of NEB project was successfully finished with SAGE. Our company started to product of NEB project due to contract with MKEK in 2013. At the beginning of 2015, ATM has completed the production of the project successfully.

In the next years, ATM is planning to work with defense industry, too. In line with this aim, ATM became a member of SSM (Undersecretariat for Defence Industries) and OSSA (OSTIM Defence & Aviation Cluster) in 2015 so ATM will make investment to be recognized supplier industrial manufacturer. ATM became a member of EFSIAD (Industrial Furnace Manufacturers and Businessmen Association) which convenes the industry furnace and burners manufacturers in 2015
In 2013 a new project was started. This project is for recycling of waste foundry sand by work relationship with TTGV and purchased area to established plant for this project. Purpose of this project is recycling of waste foundry sand, decreasing harmful on the environment and by this project that is not used in Turkey waste foundry sand will be brought to economy.


  • casting pots
  • casting sand preparation
  • casting sand recycling
  • casting system
  • casting systems
  • cating pote
  • charging machine
  • chip baling
  • chip briquette
  • chip centrifuge
  • chip recycling
  • continue sand mixer
  • continue sand mixers
  • continue sand
  • continue
  • continues sand mixer
  • deox
  • de-ox
  • deoxidant
  • drum sand mixer
  • drum sand
  • drying system
  • filtration and gas cooling
  • flask
  • foundry casting systems
  • foundry sand recycling
  • furnace charging machine
  • furnace charging
  • gas cooling
  • granule casting machine
  • granule casting system
  • granule casting
  • green sand mixer
  • green sand moulding
  • green sand shakeout
  • green sand
  • greensand mixer
  • greensand moulding lines
  • greensand moulding press
  • greensand moulding
  • greensand shakeout
  • greensand shakeouts
  • greensand
  • holding and melting furnace
  • holding furnace
  • homogenisation
  • homogenization system
  • homogenization
  • hydraulic briquette systems
  • hydraulic briquetting press
  • hydraulic press for briquette
  • hydraulic press for making briquette
  • hydraulic scrap shredder
  • hydraulic shredder for scraps
  • hydraulic shredder
  • ingot casting machine
  • ingot casting
  • jet pulse filtration system
  • jet pulse filtration
  • jet pulse
  • jet-pulse
  • jolt and squeeze moulding press
  • jolt and squeeze
  • jolt
  • kum sikistirma
  • ladle gearbox
  • lead recycling
  • loading machine
  • loop line
  • magnetic belt
  • magnetic seperator belt
  • magnetic seperator with belt
  • magnetic seperator
  • mecanical sand recycling
  • mechanical reclamation
  • metal centrifuge
  • metal recycling machine
  • metal recycling system
  • metal shredder
  • metal transfer
  • mould and casting system
  • mould pressing
  • mould rotation
  • moulding sand preparation
  • moulding sand recycling
  • moulding sand
  • oven charging
  • pneumatic sand transfer
  • pneumatic sand vator
  • polygon screen
  • reclamation
  • recovery plant
  • resin sand mould and casting system
  • resin sand moulding systems
  • resin system
  • reverber
  • reverberatory furnace
  • reverberatory
  • rotary drum sand mixer
  • rotary furnace
  • sand mixing
  • sand mould and casting system
  • sand mould
  • sand moulding press
  • sand preparation
  • sand preperation
  • sand press
  • sand reclamation
  • sand recycling
  • sand transfer system with belt
  • sand transfer system
  • sand transfer
  • scrap baling machines
  • scrap baling system
  • scrap baling
  • scrap balling
  • scrap battery recovery plant
  • semi sphere ingot casting
  • semi sphere ingot
  • semi sphere mold
  • semi sphere moulds
  • semi sphere
  • shakeout scre
  • shakeout screen
  • shakeout systems
  • shakeout
  • silica sand recucling
  • squeeze
  • thermal reclamation
  • thermal recovery plant
  • tilting crucible melting
  • tilting crucible
  • tilting rotary furnace
  • transfer ladle
  • transportation ladle
  • vibratory charging machine
  • vibratory furnace charging
  • vibratory

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