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apple, onion, potato, leek, banana, lemon, orange, cabbage, carrot, quince, chestnut, garlic, radish, spinach, lettuce, onion seeds, sunflower seed, carob, peach, tomato paste, olive oil, olive, sunfl
Dudullu OSB Mah., Des - 115 Sk., No: 25, Sarıgazi, İstanbul, Turkey
sage, raspberry, aniseed, aniseed, aromatic drinks, tied dried figs, spearmint, okra, kidney bean, white cheese, pea, pepper, rosemary, blackberry, cowpea beans, broccoli, brussels sprouts, burgers, p
Ortaköy Mah. Ortaköy Sanayi Bölgesi Tiftik Sok. No:14 Silivri - İstanbul, Turkey
food processing machine, food processing machines, textile machinery, canned pea lines, canned vegetable lines, canned fruits lines, canned mushroom lines, canned compost lines, canned pickle lines, c
Isabey Mah. Ismetiye Cad. No:153/3, Yildirim16290/ Bursa-Turkey
pea, corn, bean, spinach, tomato, cauliflower, brocoli, cucumber pickles okra, onion, carrot, pepper, caper, jam, marmelade processing lines, pulp production lines, tomato paste lines, fruit juice lin
2. Organize Sanayi Bolgesi, Celal Dogan Bulvari, No: 24, Baspinar, Gaziantep, Turkey
bulghur, bulghur , bulgur, burghul, burghul , chickpeas, coarse bulgur, condiments, extra coarse bulgur, fine bulgur , green lentils, legumes, lemon sauce, lentils, pasta, popcorn, pulses, red kidney
Izmir Menemen Deriserbestbölgesi Akasya Sok. No:5 Turkey - Izmır
goat crust, pickled sheep-lamb skin, wet-blue lamb skin, wet-blue sheep skin
Organize San. Bölg. 1.Kısım No:1 Başpınar Gaziantep, Turkey
antep pistachio, red flake pepper, olive oil, pulses, pistachio
Gatem Top. Sit. Kırmızı Ada 6.Blok No:5 Küsget - Gaziantep, Turkey
canned foods, canned food , fruit juice, fruit juices , pepper sauces, pepper sauce , tomato sauces, tomato sauce
Samsun Yolu 30.Km Hasanoglan/Ankara, Turkey
apple vinegar, red grape vinegar, white grape vinegar, white vinegar, pickles, gherkin, mixed pickle, sweet pepper, hot pepper, cabbage, carrot, grape leaves in brine, lemon sauce
116/6 Sk. N:10 D:19 Bornova, Turkey
canned products, cheese, coffee, dried fruits, dried pulses, nuts, olive oil, olives, pickled products, spices, tea

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  • Jalapeno Pepper Pickled

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