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Adress: Güvercin Cad (Işıklar Cad.) No:11Haramidere Mevkii 34310 Avcılar, Turkey
Phone: +90 212 422 11 00Fax: +90 212 422 10 99

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DENLAKS® brand, grovving with the importance given to customer & human çare and quality since 1974, is manufactured in one of the most hi-tech European production sites in 12,000 m2' closed area. Having a daily production capacity of 40 tonnes of solvent-based products, 35 tonnes of water-based products, 2 tonnes of prepolymer products and hot melt products, DENLAKS® is the only brand to produce and offer ali of these product groups at önce. Today, Oynurden Chemicals İne. Group offers the best and the most appropriate solutions with a wide variety of nearly 150 products for shoe, lamination & dressing, textile, furniture, floor covering, automotive, packaging and paper industries, with DENLAKS brand. DENLAKS® has been serving the shoe market for nearly 30 years with high quality solvent bosed products. Today, DENLAKS® is a market leader with high product & service quality in Turkey and many neighbouring countries.
DENLAKS® brand has become a guarantee and main supporter of ali shoe manufacturers, small or large. DENLAKS® serves the shoe market with nearly 50 solvent based, water based and hot melt products and also offers other necessary products such as finishing products, nails, brush and surface treatment ehemicals to the customers wittı the same quality approach. Sales and after-sales services are also offered with the same "quality approach", with R&D laboratories, experienced marketing and teehnieal service staff ,to nearly 1200 customers countryvvide and worldwide. Especially, the inereasing performance in the foreign markets in the last fifteen years, is a very natural reason of this growth and DENLAKS® has registered and certified its quality and main policies by receiving the ISO 9002 quality assurance certificate. İn 2002 ,this certificate has been revised as the ISO 9001:2000 version and has been re-registered and re-certified by SGS Yarsley-England.


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