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Adress: 4 OSB Büyük Kayacık Mah., 416. Sok., No: 10, Selçuklu, Konya, Turkey
Phone: +90 444 0 624Fax: +90 332 345 33 99

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"As one of the leading suppliers in the field of cooling technologies in Turkey, Buzcelik commenced the production activities by manufacturing industrial type refrigerators in 1982. Buzcelik intensified the activities on finned tubular heat exchangers and it has been located itself between pioneers of cooling industry in course of time by specializing the procurement process in manufacturing of;

Commercial and Industrial Type Air Cooled Condensers,
Air Cooler Units,
Dry Coolers,
Gravity and Forced Air Coolers,
Oil Coolers,
Water/Steam Air Heaters & Coolers,
Specific coils.

With a product portfolio that includes different technologies, as well as a comprehensive offering in support, Buzcelik is an expert solution partner for the complete procurement cycle with the improved machinery park, over 30.000 m2 production site and efficient labor force. Since its inception in the year 1982, it has provided customers’ satisfaction faithfully by offering superior quality and faultless products.

Buzcelik improves quality worldwide to deliver innovations for a connected cooling industry in the light of the basis on the strategic objective with its innovative products.

While defining long term strategic objectives with the qualified products and manufacturing concept in European Standarts as putting forth powerful profile in global arena, it is firmly advancing in line to be player aiming leadership not only in Turkey but also in global market.

It accepts as a basic principle to establish long-term relationships with business environment since its establishment and has been one of the leading companies in the industry and has taken vital steps to move forward for its own and the sector.

Considering the sectoral conditions Buzcelik is discriminated from the competitors by some significant specifications:

Improving and expandable product range according to customer requirements by incessantly R&D activities,
The price policy that offers “Reasonable Money” advantage along with “Professional Value”,
The manufacturing policy that responds to the customer needs rapidly and realize delivery in short term,
Supporting all digital platforms (web, ios, android, desktop) software that allows the customers to view the products easily and helps reaching both technical and price data.

Buzcelik uses integrated technology to process and manage maximum productivity and reliability sustainably. By investing R&D with big major obedience for keeping to be innovative and dissimilar in cooling industry it provides products and services at universal quality and standards with all our people we offer the customers long-term and unremitting success.

The capacities of the products are calculated precisely via Unilab Coils design software that updating constantly and adapting to actual trends and also designed by taking the coils application conditions into consideration.

Certificating the standarts Buzcelik, as a competitive organisation, increase the effort to reach to these targets with effective labor force, customers, dealers and suppliers. The quality approach of Buzcelik has been established on the TS-EN ISO 9001-2008 standard with CE marking which is an important quality indicator for quality management approach industrial enterprises in according to offer production quality at the highest level with the responsibility of being a global manufacturing center.

Buzcelik internalizes the manufacturing concept that;

Follows the inovations on changeable market conditions,
Bases to offer competitive price with customer oriented approach,
To produce high-quality and low power consumption of environmentally friendly products to achieve high efficiency without appeasing occupational the health and safety.

The basis for the Buzcelik’s growth depends on its innovative strength and its main goal is to exceed expectations and to improve customer satisfaction. Buzcelik


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  • condenser
  • Condensing Units
  • Market Coolers
  • Dry Coolers
  • OEM Heat Exchangers
  • Refrigerator
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  • portable cold room
  • chilling room
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  • cold storage room
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